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Vida Maté

Rethink Your Drink.

Vida Maté was brought to life by the fine folks from Schilling Cider! We are seriously passionate about craft beverages and have been enjoying Yerba Maté for decades. We had a vision of crafting a better tasting and more authentic Yerba Maté in a can. We started by using the unique equipment and techniques we have honed by making amazing fresh-pressed hard apple cider.

Why is Vida Maté better? Vida Maté is made with real yerba mate meaning the caffeine is naturally occurring unlike many other canned yerba mate drinks where the caffeine is synthetically extracted and then re-added later. Vida Maté is also made with real fruit juice. This means it is not overly sweet with lots of added sugars. We didn’t stop there, Vida Maté also contains L-Theanine, GABA, and B-12 functional ingredients to help regulate the caffeine for a no spike and crash, stress-free focused caffeine experience!

You can taste the difference when you crack open a delicious can of Vida Maté. Elevate your Yerba Maté game with real ingredients from a PNW craft beverage team.

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